Data Acqusition

The Idea

Conventional LDA Data Acquisition with hardware processors is limited in time resolution by the processor speed and the data transfer rate between PC and processor. Furthermore, the system setup is not flexible due to the limited hardware configurations. To achieve the highest time resolution and degree of adaptability to experimental requirements, ILA R&D provide a new PC-based LDA-software platform, in combination with powerful A/D-converter cards and maximum sampling frequencies of up to 5 GHz.

System Architecture

The ILA LDA Data Acquisition System typically consists of a PC with integrated A/D converter cards. By integrating the A/D converter into the PC, the system can easily be customized in terms of maximum sampling rate, number of channels and resolution up to 16 bit to the specific requirements of scientific customers. The number of cumbersome cable connections is also minimised. This architecture provides maximum flexibility for integrating different hardware components, and best conditions for fast data transfer and data processing. The completely parallel multithreaded data processing code uses all available computing cores in the PC CPU and offers scalable processing power that is faster and more flexible than conventional hardware processors.

To provide a fast and flexible acquisition and processing software, LDA-Qt combines a user friendly GUI with online signal monitor, auto set functions and Python interface for customized data evaluation and processing.

GUI of the 2D-LDV-Software, here with the profile sensor modul.