2D-LDV System

The 2D-LDV Probe is based on our fp50-shifted probe’s design, it follows the ILA’s approach of building high reliable LDV probes with incorporated lasers and without optical transmission fibers. The greatest advantage of our approach is that between 80 to 90 % of the laser power is transferred to the measurement volume, furthermore it involves a reduction of costs due to the omission of the additional optical fibers.

Two Nd:YAG lasers are built in the probe, with wavelengths of 532 and 561 nm and  a maximal power up to 500 mW.  The complete probe body is milled of one piece resulting in a extreme high long term stability. Compared to other commercial probes with integrated laser sources the probe head is of relative small size and weight so that it can be easily moved by a traversing system.

  • Simple setup and alignment
  • Long term stability
  • High laser power transferred to the measurement volume
  • High measurement accuracy
  • No optical transmission fibers
  • Automatic traversing, optional
  • Little Dispersion Effect
  • Good Visibility
  • low size, low weight
  • Robust Transportation Suitcases
2D LDV probe: small size, extreme stabil
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Beam Expander

In LDV measurements, the size of the measuring volume depends on the beam distance, the beam diameter and the focal length of the LDV probe optics. Typically, fitting a standard LDV probe such as the ILA-fp50 with a long focal length front optics, say f=800 mm, will result in a measuring volume length of ca. 10mm. Often this is not sufficiently small to achieve a high spatial resolution in velocity measurements.

Combining the ILA-fp50 standard LDV probe optics with a beam expander leads to a significant shortening of the measuring volume. For a focal length of 800 mm, the length of the measuring volume can be reduced by more than 50%, to 4 mm. Furthermore the smaller size of the measuring volume results in higher illumination density in the measurement volume. This means higher signal quality, and higher data rate.

The ILA beam expander uses a Galilean telescope design. The beam distance is expanded from 45 mm to 70 mm. The focal distance of the front lens can be adjusted by distance of the lenses inside the beam expander. The beam expander is mounted directly onto the fp50 LDV probe.

Beam Expander 1:1,55 for ILA fp50 probe